Do’a Malam



gerimis dihatiku

yang turun di bukitmu

mengapa tak bisa mengusir sepimu?


tahukah kau

aku ingin punya mata seperti punyamu


lelaki yang datang malam-malam

pergi diam-diam

entah mengapa dia bisa begitu berarti

dia pergi bawa sekeping hatiku

tanpa dia tahu

malam nanti

lilin-lilin kecil akan menyapamu

merah, kuning, hijau, biru dan putih

ingin kuambil buat pengisi sepiku


bila kau berdoa di depan-Nya malam nanti

tolong bawakan namaku

bahwa kau mengingatku malam ini

walau kita jauh, katakan :

      aku mencintainya

tiba-tiba aku ingat salju-salju putih

seputih inikah hatimu malam nanti?


What Else Is There Left To Say?


Most relationships go through stressful times. And that is why it’s so important when one of us is having a difficult time to step back and realize, that what we may do or say should not be taken personally.

If you need to draw away, I need to remember that’s your sorting time and not a rejection of me. And when I’m quiet, it doesn’t mean I don’t wanna be with you. It is just that I’m thinking things through..

Let’s always be patient with each other and recognize and respect each other’s individual needs. Because if we each have our own inner strength, our relationship will be stronger and better able to withstand difficult times.

I wish I’ve had it sent to you Panda, the words which you never gave me a chance to say. But now, what else is there left to say?

Mencintai Dengan Cinta Yang Dulu

Semalam (sebetulnya waktu tidak penting disini), saya terlibat percakapan dengan Panda tentang sesuatu yang pernah dia ucapkan.

Saya       : Mencintai dengan cinta yang dulu, now I get the point.

Panda     : What is the point? (pasti ngetes nih)

Saya       : The point is pointless and obscured at any rate.

Panda     : Aku tetep gak ngerti apa point-nya (ehh??)

Saya       : Ini tentang sesuatu yang pernah kamu bilang dulu.

Panda     : Aku pernah bilang apa, aku gak inget (astagahh)

Saya       : Mencintai dengan cinta yang dulu.

Panda     : Kan udah pernah kujelaskan.

Saya       : Ya sih, tapi waktu itu aku gak ngerti. Katamu lama-lama aku akan ngerti, nah sekarang aku baru ngerti.

Panda     : Trus apa artinya?

Saya       : Artinya dulu ya dulu, gak ada perubahan.

Panda     : Mestinya kamu paham, lalu jika kamu merasa tidak nyaman aku harus bilang apa?

Saya       : ???? (now I don’t get the point)

Lalu saya membuka postingan kemaren tentang Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough.





#Love eh….Love?? Hmmmm…. :/

A Chat in Monday Morning

Unlike the other bloggers who want the high traffic at their blog, dimple wants hers simple and quiet. Like her love to thee, Panda.

I don’t understand the meaning.

(translating the meaning into Panda’s language)

Love that simple and not complicated. That speaks from the heart, never explain. Love that never thinks twice and come all at once.


Surely, different language was not the only thing that confusing.

Kepada Panda


aku ingin menaburkan bunga-bunga di rambutmu

lewat matamu yang berbintang

kau tanamkan seribu harapan

semoga subur dan tak merepih oleh angan-angan


“mari tanganmu, sayang

ulurkan padaku

ada rindu yang ingin kutitipkan

padamu, selamanya”


dan hari pun indah

menyimpan kenangan

The Keep Talking Baby

"What?? Dadaaa!!"

“What?? Dadaaa!!”

Today is May 8th and I’m in the middle of one of “those days”, the busiest days of month at work.

But since the morning there’s something that very distracting my mind, and that something turned out to be a baby.

The baby, every time I looked at him, showed his shocked face with open-mouth staring at me and keep talking…

“What? Dadaaa…Are you the one that my dad’s in love with?”

“Yeah, why are you so surprised? I’m good enough, aren’t I?”

“Umm, yes…”, he seemed unsure.

“Look little Panda, your dad has been loving me since long time ago. You won’t understand the situation, but someday you will” (I hope WE will…)

I tried to ignore him and get back to my work. Silence. A few minutes later, I was curious what he’s doing and looked at him back.

“So, do you love my dad?” his clear little voice’s breaking the silence.

“Of course I do” I replied and smiled at him.

“Hooo really? Really really?” the baby looked at me with his black-rounded eyes and his open-mouth.

“Eh, well I think so, yes…I guess” now it’s me that seemed unsure.

“Forever?” the baby asked again.

“Why not? If you love someone you want it gonna last forever, right?” I was counting in my head how many years that forever will be, or months?

“Oh, I bet you won’t stand that long, my dad is complicated”, hmmm this baby’s trying to threaten me?

“Maybe, but let us do our best, and you please keep silent. I love you, dear”, I must stop him to disturb me, gosh I had hundreds of journals here to be checked.

“Good luck, Dada…” the baby now stop talking, that’s good, whatever the Dada means ❤