This is A Silly Quote and Damn It’s True

I didn’t really know what Pinterest was; till just now I was accidentally here in this site and suffocated myself in it. There I found this quote.

Basically the title is the whole story. 

I think we must say our promises way better like this : I promise (in a non-binding sort of way). So, no one will get hurt of the broken promises coz we never really meant it.


Love Won’t Hurt, Expectation Does


Although the title is easy to understand, to do it seemingly a bit complicated, I mean, how can we love and have no expectation? No expectation will make us like walking without knowing where to go. Had given it enough thought, I decided to keep my expectation at a controllable level. Won’t be easy though but I’m persistent, so I’m told.

Y’all always have to have love in your heart, never be afraid it won’t hurt you but remember to have a good control of your expectation 🙂

Dance in the Rain

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I never danced in the rain, if you ask, because that’ll make me look really stupid. But that’s not the point of the quote. It means that don’t think anything which is bright and shiny as a happiness (but if you associated it with diamond I’m all the way with you). Sometimes in a gloom, difficulty, or trouble we could find happiness too, just you need to find how to turn it into your own happiness. Now you know why I keep loosing my mind.

I’m a happy one, no matter it’s sunshiny or rainy day.

An Apple A Day

Yeah right, try with something heavier next time...

Yeah right, try with something heavier next time…

You all must have read the quote above, the original version is replace “anyone”  to “doctor”, and the rest words are correct….:) 

Well, I do eat an apple a day and now I’m seeing a doctor. He’s quite sweet though, so I don’t mind if the quote is totally wrong.